Socially Christmas’d is a great holiday event for kids & adults but the ultimate factor is what your child will experience. We were inspired like you to keep the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus alive during these strange times, so this will most certainly be a unique and awesome experience.  Most important of all, this event is safe and 100% contactless

Experience Hawaii’s only Drive-thru then Drive-in combo experience for Christmas magic.  The lighting, decorations and favorite Christmas movie scenes are sure to delight and bring some festiveness and joy to your holidays.  Make lasting memories and take photos with our 30ft Santa and his cast in our safe zone where one family at a time can enjoy.  Your vehicle will be greeted by costumed Christmas actors at several different stations.  The finale takes place in the drive-in portion in front of a large 22ft Theater LED screen.  Witness the excitement as your children are called by name by Santa Claus who will be communicating LIVE from the North Pole.

Parents, what you need to know:

I would really recommend watching the video on this website.  It will give you some insight on to what you can expect and get an idea of how to make their brief time from Santa count

This is a timed experience.  You get  (1) named Santa shoutout on the base ticket.  You may purchase more than 1, if you have more than 1 child but it is not required.

This is about a 35 minute to 60 minute experience.  No one will be allowed to exit their vehicle at anytime except when inside the authorized safe zone.  We ask that you do the following

  • Keep Windows Rolled Up Always
  • Keep Doors Locked Always
  • Follow Crew Member Instructions
  • Look for Signs that tell you to turn to a radio station.

Drivers!  You will be asked to STOP, PARK and TURN OFF your vehicle repeatedly.  Please do as instructed.  Actors cannot approach your car until instructions are followed.  This is for your safety, the safety of our actors and just as important… for our insurance coverage.

Most Importantly, have fun. Don’t forget to watch the video to get a better grasp if this activity is right for your child.  Thank you!